Building Lives

Providing for the everyday needs & education of children in difficulty

St Tabitha Children’s Home & Safe Home in Fiji was built in 2013-2015 and it was opened together with the consecration of the Church of the Holy Trinity.

We currently have around thirty children in our care, who are all housed in a modern, fit for purpose facility. Our aim is not just to house these children but to provide them with education and with a loving and supportive environment in which they can flourish and grow.

The ongoing costs of running the Children’s Home are around NZD 5,000/month. This sum covers the direct day to day expenses: food, electricity, clothing, schooling. The nuns who care for the children are not being paid, but dedicate themselves to this mission out of love for Christ and for the children.

You can sponsor children from St Tabitha Children’s Home. By setting up a monthly donation of  NZD 170/month you will not only provide for the daily needs of one child but also offer some stability in the lives of all our children.